Shaffy Sound Art and Poetry

23-08-2022 13:55

SSAP Shaffy Sound Art and Poetry

Dear creative makers, musicians, visual artists, photographers, filmers, performers, sculptors, dances, poets. 

I am an visual artist, poet  and former interarts lecturer of a faculty of arts.  That s why I love to collaborate with other disciplines. In the Ramses Shaffy House , Piet hein kade 231, Amsterdam I organize in 2022-2023 four sundays with 10 collegaues. Every time I initiate an other theme of the day. It will be an experiment, a work in progress,where the process and exchange of ideas are essential

sunday 2nd  oktober  theme Taste and smell, sunday 27th November 2022  theme Touch, sunday 26th Februari the Moving, sundat 30th April theme Seeing and hearing. We work from 10.00-16.00 o clock

Reservation is needed on my email 

Write date and your name. Only 10 makers per day!!!! 

For lunch, coffee, tea and materials you pay euro 15.-- cash. on the day. 

Hope to see you soon.